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Laline's online store is intended to offer you a fun and pampering buying experience, whilst ensuring quick and efficient service.

On this page we have tried to organize all common questions submitted to our Customer Services on issues relating to the website and the Laline chain in general.

If you cannot find a response to your question, our Customer Services will gladly answer any question you might have by Email:


Purchases on the website:


? I received an email that the e-commerce website will be turned into a catalogue website starting 1/1, what will happen with my orders

!Don’t worry

All orders placed until 12/31 will be sent by Laline, our customer service will also continue working  until the end of January .


?I received an email that the e-commerce website will be turned into a catalogue website starting 1/1, How and where can I get the products I like

 We are developing a better experience for you, it will not take a lot

Meanwhile while traveling you can enjoy our store in Japan, Taiwan, Israel and Canada



 Why do I have to create an account to order products?

Opening an account and registering for the website will allow you to enjoy the following services: tracking shipping of your products, quick access to your order status, orders history, sending you personally tailored offers and services and a simpler, more convenient ordering process.


What do I do if I forget my password and user name?

If you forgot your password, choose the login option on our homepage and then press "forgot password?" Enter your personal email address and we will send you an email to reset your password. Once you enter the new password you will be allowed to re-enter your account.


How do I place an order on the website?

All you have to do is enter the website, press "connect" (on the right side) and enter your user profile – email and password.

Then all you have to do is visit the various categories, choose the items and add them to your shopping cart. After choosing your products, proceed to checkout and choose a shipping method and payment method – and that’s it. Your package is on its way – we will send an email confirming your order and let you know when it has been packed and shipped from our warehouse as well as tracking details. It's so exciting!


Can I place an order telephonically?

We do not take telephonic orders, but if you come across a problem when placing an order on the website, contact our Customer Services by Email: and we will be glad to assist you.


How can I know that my order was successfully received and processed?

If the order was received immediately after pressing complete order, the following message will appear: "your order has been successfully received" and we will send you an email confirming your order. You can also check the status of your orders at any time in your personal account page on the website. After logging in to your account using your email and password (on the right side), press "my account" and choose "my orders".


Can and how do I cancel an order?

A transaction that was ordered on the website can be cancelled if the product was not shipped yet. Checking whether the product has shipped and cancellation will be done by Email:


Can I change the details of the order after it is completed? Such as address/shipping method etc?

If the order has not shipped yet from our warehouses, you can contact us by telephone to Customer Services at and we will try to assist you and make the change.


If the product on the website is "out of stock" – will it also be missing from the stores?

The inventory on the website and the inventory in our stores is identical. There might be situations that a product is short on the website, yet can be found at our stores. Our Customer Services will gladly assist you in this matter.


Returns and exchanges

Can ordered products be returned and exchanged?

Of course! A product can be returned for a cash refund or exchanged for another product of similar value. If you do not wish to make an exchange, we will give you cash refund or credit to be used for your next purchases. Returns and exchanges will be done according to the Company's regulations. The product can be returned to the following address:

Returns Department
2020 Ocean Ave, Unit A Ronkonkoma,
NY 11779


What are the conditions for returning items purchased on the website?

In order to return or exchange a product purchased on the website, provided that it was not used, the product has to be returned with the original receipt.

You will be refunded within 14 business days from the date of confirming the order.

Returned items need to be closed, unused and in their original package only. If you have any question, please contact Customer Services by email:


To get a refund must I also cancel the transaction through the credit card company?

We will cancel the transaction with the credit company and therefore, there is no need for you to contact them directly.


Secured purchase on website

Is the website safe and secure to purchase on?

The website is secured at the highest level of security and data protection. In order to minimize the exposure of information, we keep your details and credit card details in a confidential and coded manner and undertake not to forward them to anyone. Additionally, in order to increase security of your account we recommend keeping your user details and password confidential, refreshing it often and not giving it to anyone.


Payment and installments policy

To get a refund must I also cancel the transaction through the credit card company?

We will cancel the transaction with the credit company and therefore there is no need for you to contact them directly.


What are the payment options on the website?

You can pay with one of the following credit cards: Visa Cal, MasterCard, Isracard and Diners or by PayPal.


Can I pay cash?

No, payment can only be done by credit card or PayPal.


About Laline

Are Laline products animal tested?

Laline strongly objects to animal testing and therefore Laline products have never been tested on animals.

Until recently it was customary to mark products that were not animal tested with the bunny symbol.

The new European regulations regarding cosmetics stipulated removing the bunny symbol from products. The reason being that the European Law recognizes that this symbol was excessively used, sometimes without coverage, which often misled consumers.

Laline strictly adheres to the requirements of the law and accordingly the bunny symbol was removed from our products.

We repeat, emphasize and undertake before our customers that this is a visual change only. Laline was and remains loyally committed to the environment and its love for animals.

A list of the Laline products appears on a website for the Abolition of Vivisection at


What are parabens and do they exist in Laline's products?

Parabens are preservatives that can be found in many deodorants in the market as well as soaps, creams and other cosmetic products. It is important to note that parabens as preservatives are found in almost every cosmetic product, including most natural products. Parabens are extremely efficient as an antibacterial substance and thus used in every product that contains oils and water in order to avoid bacteria from multiplying and destroying the product. All creams in the market that contain water must also contain preservatives in order to prevent infections.

In recent years Laline has invested great efforts to improve the formulas of its products in order to contain a minimal quantity of harmful substances. As part of this process we have removed colorings from our creams and parabens from most of our products. We also offer a variety of SLS/SLES free soaps.


Are Laline products tested and approved by official bodies?

All our body line products were tested and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and hold the strictest cosmetic licenses. Our products have also undergone additional testing as part of Japanese and European regulations.


How long can your products be kept?

As long as the product is closed and stored according to the conditions mentioned on the package, the products lifespan will not be less than two and a half years (unless an actual expiration date is indicated on the product).

Once the product is opened, its lifespan is determined by the PAO symbol [number of months that a product can be used after opening], again provided that the product is stored according to the conditions mentioned on the package.


Which essential materials can be found in your facial products?

Our unique facial products are based on the most advanced formulas that combine high quality and advanced ingredients: pure natural oils, moisturizing and nourishing components, antioxidants, sun screen and vitamins that are essential for skin nourishment at very high doses.

All products in the series do not contain: parabens, mineral oils, lanolin, sulfates, potentially comedogenic components (produce acne).



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