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Laline around the world

Laline - Body Cosmetics. Soul Care.

Laline began its journey in 1999 with one small boutique,

founded by two women entrepreneurs, who dreamed about holistically connecting the body and soul.

Today, it brings its wholesome magic and unparalleled quality for all senses to thousands of people through 180+ stores worldwide.

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Indulging products for Women

Everything we do is designed to empower women, make them feel great in their own skin. 


World of Scents

We believe that scents are magical. That's why we have crafted scents that create an unforgettable experience while offering the perfect fit for everyone.

Our products are designed to enhance all your senses, offering a holistic experience that promotes wellbeing and relaxation.


Our commitment to the Environment

As we expand worldwide, we are staying committed to increasing our sustainable efforts and keep them in the forefront.

We are in a constant effort to do better by following the 3 R’s:


Reduce – We are eliminating excess packaging wherever we can.

Reuse – We are using recycled and reusable packaging and incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled materials into our bottles, tubes and jars.

Recycle – All of our boxes are fully recyclable.

Laline’s Clean Cosmetics Standard


The safety and transparency of our formulas is a top priority. Made to respect you and your health, our formulas are designed to ensure the right balance between efficiency, safety and responsibility.


0% Parabens

0% Mineral Oils

0% Phthalates

0% Plastic Micro Beads

0% GMO

0% SLS

100% Cruelty Free 

Clean never felt so good!



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